• Ski mountaineering at Passo Resia

Live the Active winter in the holiday region of Pass Resia

The winter covers the Reschenpass holiday region in a white coat and gives it a very special flair. Upper Venosta Valley is a paradise for skiers, cross-country skiers and ski tourers. The ski resorts, some of which are situated at an altitude of over 2,500 metres above sea level, guarantee snow until springtime.

Snowshoe hikes in the region Passo Resia

Cross-country skiing in Val Venosta Valley

Ice skating on the lake Reschensee

Winter in the Upper Venosta Valley
Winter whiten the Pass Resia region into an enchanted place. It feels that life slows down and the activities become calm and quiet. The days are shorter and we focus on important things. The Upper Venosta valley is a paradise for cross-country skiers and ski mountaineers. Ski resorts starting at 1500 m.s.l.m. guarantee snow until spring.

Nordic skiing in the Pass Resia region
Cross-country enthusiasts, here in St. Valentin, can access the first piste directly in the village, what is better than that! The track through meadows reaches Resia. You will reach the lake of Resia and then return to the little hamlet Case dei pescatori and finally St. Valentin. Another Nordic skiing facility is in Slingia just a 15 minutes drive away.

Mountaineering in the border triangle
For those who want to get to the top skiing, mountaineering is the right sport. Avoiding the confusions in the valley and the crowded slopes, the most uncontaminated nature and spectacular winter landscapes wait for you. Enjoy the peace of these places and above all the panorama that will repay you for the steep climb. The descent then will be a real highlight, you can draw spectacular curves in the snow!

Snowkite on the lakes St. Valentin and Resia
Also in winter, Lake St.Valentin and Lake Resia offer plenty of fun. As in summer, in this time of the year you can practice kite, without surf but with ski or snowboard, the advantage is that you can also get out of the lake in the nearby meadows. No lifts, but only wind power will be enough. A feeling of absolute freedom offered from this unique sport. The area is one of Europe's most windswept, ideal for snow kiters.

Ice skating
On the 40 cm of ice on Lake Resia you can also skate as well. For those looking for speed, natural skating rings of various lengths are prepared every year. Families will also be able to use them to experience the natural ice of the lake, a fresh, healthy amusement. Venosta also has other artificial ice skating rings where yo can spend joyful hours with your family.

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